About The Project

Have you ever felt that your relationship was missing something?

Have you ever thought about maybe trying to add a new partner, toy, or roleplay into your love life?

Where you afraid to ask and start the conversation with your partner?

More Than Monogamy is designed to answer all of these questions and more. Five years ago, I made a documentary all about virginity. V-Card The Film follows my life for three years as I discovered what virginity meant to the people I interviewed and me. After finishing that film and (spoilers) losing my virginity, I found a whole new type of openness to sexuality that I had never experienced before, "The Lifestyle".

Getting into "The Lifestyle" can be... challenging. There are so many aspects to it. So many terms and acronyms and so much new information to learn about yourself, your partner, and the other couples and individuals you meet along the way. So I thought making a documentary that taught about some of the terminologies and gave you a road map to start exploring would be best presented alongside experts who have experience helping couples and individuals explore their sexuality.

This film is not about saying monogamy is wrong; far from it, monogamy is a fantastic and fulfilling way to have a relationship, but sometimes it's just not for everyone. So if you are interested and something more than monogamy, this is the film for you.